[Rayman mini]Apple Arcade: Big updates come to Rayman-Mini, Pac-Man and 8 other games

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  You can swim even deeper in Shinsekai Into the Depths.?

  James Martin/CNET

  This story is part of?CNET’s coverage of Apple Arcade, including exclusive first looks we got at some of the service’s high-profile new games.

  Apple Arcade?launched slew of updates for 10 games in the $4.99-a-month?gaming?service on Friday, which are now available to play. The gaming service released new in-game content for several other titles earlier this month.?

  Apple Arcade?has?over 100 games available?to play now on the platform, which?debuted last September. You can play it?on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. It’s also started rolling out for Mac.

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  With many people sheltering in place amid the coronavirus outbreak, playing a video game can be a welcome distraction and a way to pass the time. Here are all of the games that got updates this week:

  Developer: Capybara Games


  Screenshot/ Apple Arcade

  The new update for?Grindstone?brings a new “Jerkameleon” enemy into play. The Jerkameleon eats smaller creeps and then morphs into the devoured’s color. Grindstone also has 15 new levels packed with new traps and enemies to outsmart.?

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  Developer: Ubisoft


  Apple Arcade

  Ubisoft launched the?Rayman Mini?season 2 expansion with new weekly challenges, like running the longest distance and collecting the most Lums along the way. The expansion also gives players goals to complete before they can increase their “awesomeness” and unlock special features.

  Developer: Moving Pieces Interactive?


  Apple Arcade

  ?Dodo Peak?has 10 new levels in its Sky Theme, and a new launcher mechanic that lets the dodos take flight.

  Developer: Batovi Games Studio


  Charrua Soccer is now on Apple Arcade.?


  The?Charrua Soccer?update adds three new club leagues. For a limited time, the game will have an Easter-themed event and features like characters dressed like rabbits and eggs in a wild game mode.

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  Developer: Capcom


  Screenshot by CNET

  The?Shinsekai Into the Depths?update adds two new modes — “Another Dive” and “Jukebox Mode.” In Another Dive, dive as deep as you can with no chance to save and no checkpoints. Jukebox Mode adds the option to experiment with songs from the soundtrack. Before its release, CNET got an exclusive look at the game.?


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  Apple Arcade exclusive preview: Shinsekai Into the Depths


  Developer: Frosty Pop


  Apple Arcade

  The Pinball Wizard?update features an endless dungeon for players to explore and gain new skills as they ascend to the top of the tower.

  Developer: Blindflug Studios


  Stellar Commanders/Twitter

  Stellar Commanders?has a new planet to check out and a single-player mode to try out your skills.?

  Developer: WayForward

  Shantae Seven SirensShantae Seven Sirens


  Shantae and the Seven Sirens?can now be played from start to finish with WayForward’s recent update that includes the story’s finale.?

  Developer: Bandai Namco



  The?Pac-Man Party Royale?adds more than 40 new achievements in gameplay.?

  Developer: Frosty Pop


  Frosty Pop

  Kings of the Castle?updated to include three new avatars, a new island called Galador and three new speed runs.?

  For more, check out Apple Arcade: The full list of games for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod Touch.


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  Apple Arcade exclusive preview: Shinsekai Into the Depths




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