[Pokémon Legends]New Project Teaser Crosses Pokemon With Traditional Japanese Crafts

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  Pokemon makes the jump into real life with traditional Japanese craft pieces as part of the franchise’s ongoing 25th anniversary celebrations.

  By Kevin Billings

  Published 4 days ago


  pokemon nature

  It’s fair to say 2021 has been a big year for Pokemon as the franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Pokemon Company hasn’t been shy about finding ways to share in the excitement with fans between the release of New?Pokemon Snap, the announcement of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and various promotional tie-ins and other events celebrating the franchise’s longevity.?Looking to continue the festivities, The Pokemon Company teased another of its upcoming projects that will cross the series with traditional Japanese crafts and arts.

  The teaser was posted on the company’s official YouTube page to tease the upcoming project by showing the craftwork being done. The video’s title translates to “Pokemon x Nature x Adventure,” which is the official theme for this special project. While it does not show who is working, the video shows metal work being done along with gathering hay and plants, woodwork, and rope for the craft piece. The end result is a Metapod piece to close out the video and teasing the kind of crafts fans have to look forward to.

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  The project appears to be taking some inspiration from the setting of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Nintendo’s next big Pokemon game drops players into an older era of the Sinnoh region, first introduced in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. The era Nintendo and the Pokemon Company teased in the game takes stylistic cues from Feudal Japan, melding that time in the country’s history with the unique flair associated with Pokemon.

  What is not currently known about the project is what more the new craft project will entail and if crafts will be available to purchase. Pokemon has one of the most voracious fanbases in the world, to the point where Pokemon card demand?alone has been extremely high during 2021, selling out regularly at most stores where available. If the demand for cards is this high, its fair to say demand for traditional-style art crafts may be high should they be made available to the public.


  This craft project the Pokemon Company teased seems to be another way of highlighting this stylistic choice in real life while also promoting the game and another avenue to celebrate the franchise. Pokemon has never been shy about exploring avenues outside of the gaming sphere, and the 25th anniversary festivities are further proof of that. One of the more notable moments was at Pokemon Day on Feb. 27, 2021, where rapper Post Malone?performed a virtual concert to share his love of the franchise.

  Pokemon Legends: Arceus is currently scheduled to release on January 22, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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