[Hitman 3 IO]Killer 3 perfect story process Raiders double knot video process Raiders

Tag: 2021-06-26 15:18

  ”Killer 3″ perfect plot process Raiders,Double Junction Video Process Raiders.”Killer 3″ high quality video Raiders,Hide outcome Raiders.”Killer 3″ (English: Hitman 3) is a hidden class action adventure game developed and issued by IO Intective.This is the eighth article of the killer series.For the 2016 game “killer” and 2018 game “killer 2”.There are six chapters of the game.Map of famous city such as Dubai and Chongqing.In this work, the player will regain the identity of the killer 47.In order to complete the most important contract in your career,Stepping on the venture journey to the exotic country.You have to play the agent 47 again,Experience the global adventure,Visit exotic,Grasp the meticulous details and the excellent assassination opportunity,Discover more secrets and past.


  Chapter 1: Dubai Tower