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  In recent years, the gaming industry’s unprecedented growth has combined with the adult industry’s enormous audience. It’s no surprise that online porn games are skyrocketing in popularity.

  With about 1.5 billion gamers across the globe, the gaming industry is obviously a lucrative one, and for good reason. Folks are playing video games is a proven way to de-stress. It’s a pastime that people of all backgrounds can enjoy.

  The average video game player and porn watcher are both in the same age range of 30-34. It becomes increasingly obvious that software developers and game publishers have enormous potential for success here. Popular video game forums on Reddit and XNXX are littered with independent gamers and porn enthusiasts. These folks are all coming to the same conclusion. The gaming industry is still seen as an industry for “kids.” The stigma against porn and all things “adult” is still too great.

  While I personally understand that in many minds, video games are only for younger people, the facts say otherwise. With the resources that these multi-million dollar companies have, gaming is not just Candy Crush and Mario Kart. In fact, four of the top 10 most popular games were rated mature 17+. The gaming industry is already putting safeguards in place to prevent minors from being able to play mature games. This should extend the same courtesy to online and mobile porn games.

  In the meantime, here are a couple of online and mobile porn games to hold you over until one of the big boys decides to put out.

  Here are 11 of the best online porn games available to play right now.

  1) Project QT

  Still from Project QT an online hentai gameStill from Project QT an online hentai game

  Project QT/Nutaku

  Project QT is the porn game that’s closest to a traditional video game you’ll get on this list. Project QT was launched as primarily a mobile game. If you’re worried about NSFW gaming on a shared laptop, this game might just be all you need. The goal of Project QT is to ultimately save the world from the black hole experiment gone wrong. You can also have sex with a bunch of anime girls dressed in provocative wolf, demon, and angel costumes. Players will move through the game collecting “Monster Cards” you can upgrade as they battle through an exciting universe. The game itself is kind of like a mix of Candy Crush and Pokémon. It’s very easy to learn and instantly addictive––especially when the prizes for advancing are hot, explicit sex scenes!


  2) Custom Order Maid 3D

  Custom Order Maid 3D 2 still showing a maid costume creatorCustom Order Maid 3D 2 still showing a maid costume creator


  In this story-based online porn game, play as the heir to the Empire Club. What is the Empire Club? It’s a luxurious bar where men and women go to get waited on and pleasured by the beautiful maids. However, unbeknownst to you, the bar is severely in debt. The goal of the game is to work with the three remaining maids at the Empire Club. You must rebuild the club to its former glory and hire new maids along the way. All new maids hired are fully customizable, right down to their personality and sex drive. You can even exchange coins for costumes and maids to engage in all kinds of sexual adventures all compatible with your VR headset. At $45, Custom Order Maid most definitely fits the bill for our top cafe-themed sex simulation game!


  3) Koikatsu Party

  still from koikatsu party showing a pink-haired girl doing karaokestill from koikatsu party showing a pink-haired girl doing karaoke

  Koikatsu Party/Steam

  If you dream of only anime porn games, Koikatsu Party will be your cloud nine right here on earth. It is the ultimate customizable anime porn game on the market. It’s also the number one adult simulation game according to Steam. And when we say it’s the ultimate customizable anime porn game, we mean it! Players can choose from over 300 adjustable settings to sculpt their virtual lovers into their dream bae. Face, body and even personality customization options are available to pick from. This ensures that your experience online is exactly how’d you want it to be IRL.

  Another favorite feature is the ability to personalize your character’s level of sensuality, tastes, and experiences! You won’t need to know any keyboard shortcuts either. Play using simple mouse controls on your PC, or by plugging in any compatible VR headset for tantalizing realistic play. For $59.99, this might be the holy grail of naughty gameplay!


  4) SexEmulator.com

  sex simulator game in 3d stillsex simulator game in 3d still


  SexEmulator does a great job of enticing you with its free content. However, it does a poor job at conveying the site’s full potential (there’s more than just what meets the eye).

  When you first visit SexEmulator, you’re immediately thrown into a sex simulator game of the same name. Players choose from Soft, Hard, or Extreme versions of the game. Then, you move on to customize their character. The only drawback so far is that players can only create girl versions of sex dolls (ugh, gag). Players can choose to name their character, customize her looks, and edit her skills to match their own sexual preferences. After players have picked their specifications, they’re taken to a secondary area. Here, they’ll be able to make their doll play by spanking herself, giving a dildo a blowjob, playing with herself, and more!

  If you want your doll to play around with more advanced techniques, you’ll have to upgrade your account. This is a little misleading since the site boasts being free. SexEmulator.com is actually owned by the premium adult gaming site MyGamerVault.com. Your premium membership does unlock more than sexy additions to the sex simulator. Paid members gain access to live cams, 3D cartoon porn videos, movies, and an entire library of both SFW and NSFW adult games. The clear ploy here is to hook you on a very basic sex simulator game and get you to pay for more. If this is laid out in a transparent manner, it’s totally fine. Content creators need to get paid somehow!

  MyGamerVault.com offers a wide array of adult games. 264 of them to be precise. None of them are quite as entertaining as the SexEmulator. So in my opinion, a paid membership is completely optional. Playing the free version of the SexEmulator until you cum isn’t such a bad idea.


  5) 3DXChat

  3DX Chat showing lesbian porn3DX Chat showing lesbian porn

  3DX Chat

  3DXChat is high on our list because it’s pretty unique. Here, you create a character then interact with countless other players. You can traverse worlds created by the game creators, by other players, or themselves. By designing a custom world so that they can host events and virtual fuck fests for other players to attend. Speaking of, the graphics behind every sexual encounter are very realistic and of course, pretty high quality. Players also have the ability to “partner up.” This lets you build a relationship with a specific player and unlock another layer of realism. Tantalizing!

  3DXChat supports VR interaction but if you don’t have a compatible headset, no worries! Desktop gamers have nothing to worry about in terms of a difference in quality.


  6) Adult World 3D

  online porn games include Adult World 3Donline porn games include Adult World 3D

  Adult World 3D

  Another online porn game for the books is Adult World 3D. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in your own handcrafted world of sex, this is a great place to start. With tons of different characters and scenes to interact and position, Adult World 3D never gets old. Enjoy full customization from your avatar’s looks, to its clothes, and even the sex toys it uses! Play as a movie director and create the scene of your dreams, filmed from every angle imaginable, and save it to your computer for later. The only drawback is that this 3D world is only compatible with Windows and requires a monthly membership to use. However, you’ll find that its weekly updates really help soften the blow of forking out $19.95 per month.


  7) Wasteland 3D

  Wasteland 3D is one of the best online porn gamesWasteland 3D is one of the best online porn games


  Powerhouse BDSM studio and Wasteland BDSM has come through with the next big thing in porn gaming. Enter a world with no limits, dozens of sex toys and tools, and no cleanup. If you haven’t heard of the Wasteland studio, it markets itself as having the largest curated collection of authentic BDSM, bondage, and fetish videos. With a subscription to the porn site, users also unlock an eXXXciting virtual reality world. Not only do you gain access to all the virtual spanking, whipping, and restraining you want. You also get access to over 1,500 of the site’s original movies, two million (and counting) explicit photos. Plus, you gain and entry into the site’s thriving community. If you’re looking for the next best all-in-one for BDSM porn videos and porn games, Wasteland 3D is the way to go!?


  8) Pirate Jessica

  A still from the game Pirate Jessica showing otherworldly creaturesA still from the game Pirate Jessica showing otherworldly creatures

  Pirate Jessica

  Ahoy, mateys (sorry, I had to)! Climb aboard and sail the sexy seas with Pirate Jessica, the number one rated adult porn game in the world. This busty beauty is always ready for action, which comes as no surprise (pirates love their booty!) Your adventure with Jessica will take you around the high seas to engage in all kinds of sexual acts with mermaids, horny elves, scary skeletons, and even some of the mates from your own crew. Unfortunately, the only downside to Pirate Jessica is that it’s only compatible with Windows computers. Other than that, joining is easy and stress-free. Memberships begin at $19.95 per month.


  9) LifeSelector

  Life Selector is a great casual porn gameLife Selector is a great casual porn game


  LifeSelector is actually one of my favorite online sex games. It’s is the only option that offers real porn with an interactive storyline. Yes, I’ll say it again, real interactive porn with real girls being filmed in real life. It’s similar to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books that gained popularity in the ’80s. LifeSelector follows the same path of story selection with very adult narratives. Choosing your story from the 1000+ interactive storylines. These range from “Your College Yearbook” to “A Day with Riley Reid,” the real fun begins. The only downfall this setup is that while most films are all free to play…at first. Once the option to interact with the film shows up, there are some options that require coins to proceed.


  10) 3D Sex Villa

  3D sex villa includes plenty of characters with exaggerated features3D sex villa includes plenty of characters with exaggerated features

  3D Sex Villa/Twitter

  Are you the type to get really riled up when your Sims “woohoo”? If you get excited playing tame life simulators, you’re in for a huge treat. 3D Sex Villa is basically Sims 4 on lots and lots of Viagra. As with the Sims, customizing your avatar is a huge part of the game. The creators of 3D Sex Villa really thought of everything while developing it. Players can customize even the tiniest of details to please your most specific desires. You can customize everything including the character’s hair, body shape, and add body modifications like tattoos.

  The costume selection is also endless. Choose from cowgirls to nurses and everything in between. Once you’ve created your ideal cyber mate, get down to business any way you want, seriously! Any position you can imagine can be played out on Sex Villa. There are also toys available for use as well. For the kinky types, there are a plethora of scenes waiting to be played out––St. Andrew’s Crosses, bondage, handcuffs, a gyno chair, various bound poses, and so much more await you in this online sex simulator. Playing out your fantasies has never felt quite so good!


  11) House Party

  House Party is like The Sims but pornHouse Party is like The Sims but porn

  House Party/Steam

  Another hit on Steam coming in at number two in online porn games is House Party. This adult video game offers a sexy twist to the classic ’90s party adventure at an easy price of $24.99. House Party contains dozens of storylines and hundreds of choices. These all ultimately affect the outcomes and possibilities for your player. Trying to get blackout drunk? Head over to the refreshments! Want to switch up the mood? Change the music on the mp3 player! There are so many ways to interact with the environment and contribute to the story development so you can be sure that you’ll want to keep playing over and over again. Oh, and the best part is, your character is equipped to engage in fully interactive intimate encounters with all the party-goers you so choose. Happy partying!



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