[Xbox 360 Madden 21]Xbox and The Last War welcome a series of celebrations 20th anniversary

Tag: 2021-06-26 15:11

  Microsoft announced thatIn order to welcome Xbox, it will be 20th anniversary of the expiration of November 15 this year.A series of celebrations will be launched.

  Xbox is the first product in Microsoft’s home game hosts,November 15, 2001, in North America.Based on Microsoft’s familiar Wintel PC architecture,Equipped with Intel Pentiumiii processor, NVIDIA NV2A drawing wafer, 64MB memory and 8GB hard drive,It is the most powerful and luxurious model in the same generation.With a single game “The last battle” and the perfect Xbox Live connection service is popular.


  Since then, Microsoft has launched a variety of XBOX subsequent models.Including Xbox 360, Xbox One with the latest Xbox Series X | s.


  In order to meet the Xbox and “Last Battle” 20th birthday,The official will hold a series of celebrations.

  # Xbox20: Players can share their favorite Xbox Time, Story, Friendship, Collection, Achievements, etc. on the community network platform.The official will make a lot of problems in the Xbox community account.Let the player propose their answer to the official surrounding store Xbox Gear Shop in the Xbox Gear Shop of the first wave of Xbox’s 20th anniversary


  Released the top 20 anniversary of Xbox and “Last Battle” to open players to sign up for the Xbox fans celebration,Will provide exclusive lottery, fans and digital experience


  Provide Xbox 20th Anniversary Player Diagram and Original Theme to Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S Player Use Online Start to provide collection Xbox 20 years of classic games “20 years elected” for players


  In Twitch.The TV / Xbox channel with live hosts will uncover the celebration of the celebration of the celebration. More celebrations will be announced later,Wait until November