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  Hearthstone’s Battle-Ready Decks expedite deck-building for 10 different classes, crafting decks to be utilized by players of all skill levels.

  By Natalie Lindner

  Published Jun 11, 2021



  Hearthstone’s?latest Quilboar update provides players with a new feature called Battle-Ready Decks. These packs offer pre-built decks for 10 different classes: Demon Hunter, Hunter, Druid, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior. Each of these packs is purchasable through the Hearthstone website for $19.99. Each pack will be available for 3 weeks after its initial introduction to the shop, with a limit of 1 Battle Ready Deck to each account. If players do not have an open deck slot, they can utilize the codes on Hearthstone’s website after freeing up a slot for their Battle-Ready Deck.

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  All Battle-Ready Decks will have 30 cards, but not all are composed of the same rarity distributions. Battle-Ready Decks can have up to 5 Legendary, 10 Epic, 10 Rare, and 14 Common cards. Purchasing Battle-Ready Decks eliminates the?chance mechanic from Hearthstone’s usual card pulls, with each pack compiled from data collected from thousands of play sessions. Players who already have cards within the Battle-Ready Packs will have the opportunity to disenchant duplicate cards. Blizzard has made it clear that while it doesn’t intend to nerf any of the cards in the Battle-Ready Packs, players will be compensated accordingly with a full dust refund.


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  The first 3 classes that are available to players are the Demon Hunter, Hunter, and Druid Battle-Ready Packs. Each of these classes has 25 disenchantable cards should players encounter any duplicates. The Demon Hunter class contains Blackthorn’s Brutes and encourages the use of Quilboar to stall the early game and unleash powerhouse minions later on. Demon Hunter features Death Speaker Blackthorn, just one of the three new Legendaries which Hearthstone’s Quilboar update offers. The Hunter class Battle-Ready Pack constructs a deck that attempts to overwhelm opponents throughout the game and deliver a killing blow with one of two Trampling Rhino minions. The Druid class Battle-Ready Deck serves to preserve mana in the early game, and utilize it for deadly blows near the close of a match. This deck is dependent on survival until later on, meaning that it is not as beginner-friendly as the rest.



  The next class offered by Hearthstone’s Battle-Ready Decks is the Mage, which focuses more on reactive actions rather than offensive moves. This deck only has 24 disenchantable cards, but has the highest amount of obtainable Legendary cards within the available Battle-Ready Decks. The Paladin is a Battle-Ready Deck that depends on its minions outlasting their opponents, and chipping away at the opposing commander until a final blow can be dealt. Given the steady rate of damage available with the cards, this Battle-Ready Deck is beginner-friendly while still utilizing the latest additions to Hearthstone.


  The Paladin class also has the lowest amount of Common cards, increasing its appeal for Hearthstone players looking to collect some rarer cards. The Priest class takes advantage of one of?Hearthstone’s more recent additions: dragons. This Battle-Ready Deck ensures that players can take control of the early game and maintain that control until their opponent is defeated. While it contains more common cards than Paladin, the Priest deck holds value in its cards’ synergies and strategies for players of all levels.

  The last four classes available for Hearthstone’s Battle-Ready Decks are Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior. Unlike the other options, these four classes present a significant boost in difficulty levels to players. Each of these classes contains cards that are more dependent on utilizing their combinations with other cards, using available tools, and planning several moves ahead in order to properly execute the strategies needed to win.?Hearthstone can be a difficult game for new players, especially when they are struggling to construct new decks from the many Hearthstone resources that exist online. By implementing Battle-Ready Decks, the game has become more user-friendly and opened its doors to new players.


  With the many new cards offered in the Hearthstone Quilboar update, investing in the Battle-Ready Decks can offer players a guaranteed method of obtaining the desired minions and commanders. Should Blizzard choose to pursue regular Battle-Ready Deck releases, the deck-building process would be expedited and potentially eliminated entirely depending on the release structure.

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