[warzone mp5]Best Cold War MP5 Warzone class loadout: Attachments, Perks, Setup

Tag: 2021-07-24 20:11

  While the MP5 may no longer be the best SMG in Warzone, it still remains a popular pick for those looking to claim plenty of close-quarter kills.

  Despite receiving a significant nerf in Black Ops Cold War, the Treyarch variant is still an incredibly strong SMG. The MP5 dominated both the casual and competitive CoD scene in both Cold War and Modern Warfare, but it has now taken a backseat to the MAC-10.

  However, if you’re looking to run and gun your way to victory or just after an SMG that can shred through your foes, then MP5 is a decent choice in Season 3. In order to help you get the most out of Black Ops Cold War’s MP5, we’ve put together the following loadout.


  Black Ops Cold War MP5Black Ops Cold War MP5Activision / TreyarchThe MP5 is one of the very first SMGs you unlock.

  The Cold War MP5 is unlocked by reaching rank 4. As both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have synced progression, you’ll be able to easily unlock this lightning-fast SMG in no time.

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  Of course, now you’ve got the weapon, you’ll need to kit it out with the best MP5 attachments to push it to its limits. Fortunately, we’ve got an MP5 loadout that will send your enemies back to the spectator screen.

  black ops cold war mp5 warzone

  black ops cold war mp5 warzone

  ActivisionThis MP5 build is lethal in short-range gunfights.

  MP5 WarzoneMP5 WarzoneActivision / Treyarch

  Muzzle: Agency Suppressor

  Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight

  Grip: Serpent Grip

  Stock: Raider Stock

  Ammunition: Stanag 50 Rnd drum

  This MP5 loadout, which Aydan popularly runs in tournaments, is all about boosting the gun’s mobility and lethality at close ranges. It may not deal much damage in mid to long-range engagements, but it absolutely shreds when used in close-quarter firefights.


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  The Agency Suppressor increases the weapon’s recoil control while hiding you from the minimap. But some people have been swapping it out for the Sound Suppressor at times, including JGOD.

  The other attachments here are all about maximizing mobility. The MP5 already has high damage and a fast TTK, so a Barrel is sacrificed for attachments like the Serpent Foregrip, Raider Stock, and Tiger Team Spotlight — all which provide boosts to your mobility and ADS.

  Additionally, you toss on the 50-round drum for a big-enough mag size to dismantle teams. And yes, that is chosen over Fast Mag options because it helps ADS speed as well.


  mp5 black ops cold warmp5 black ops cold warActivision / Treyarch

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